General Directives

1. The school commences with assembly at which all students must be present

2. All should arrive in school five minutes before the bell rings for the assembly. Negative points will be given to those who come late.

3. All should be particularly carefull about keeping the school and its premises neat and clean. Writing and de-facing the walls,furniture etc., are strictly forbidden. Any damage done to the school property must be made good by the offender.

4. Twenty four hours notice in the form of written application to the office is needed for issuing any certificate.

5. Students will be sent home only with their parents, during school hours.

6. No student may leave the school premises without the permission of the Principal.

7. Should the students, for sme reason absent themselves from the school for the first three days of the new session without any information, their names will be struck off the rolls.

8. No books,periodicals,comics,cell phones or any other materials other than those prescribed for the study may be brought to school.

9. Every student is responsible for the safekeeping of her/his belongings. The school should have theirblazers,sweaters,ties,belt,etc Marked clearly with the name,class and setion. Unmarked articles if received will not be returned.

10. Lost articles received in the office will be disposed off if they are not claimed within a week.

11. It is compulsory for every student to attend all the programmes arranged by the school,like Sports day, Seminar,courses,any celebrations etc.

12. we expect exemplary behaviour and conduct from every student and urged to contribute to the high moral tone of the school by her/his conduct and manner.

13. Students should maintain silence when gathered for the assembly,going and coming out of the class rooms and waiting for the teacher. Running,playing,shouting,etc. are not allowed in the School building.

14. Genuine respect for teachers,helpers and fellow students are important values to be upheld and maintained by the students at all times.

15. During games and breaks,no students is allowed to remain in the classroom without previous permission,unless they are told.

16. Ragging,bullying,fighting,abusing etc.are strictly forbidden.

17. No jewellery is allowed,except a wrist watch.

18. No nail polish,make up,colouring of hair, etc are permitted.

19. If ears are pierced, only simple ear rings are to be used.

20. Admission to the Sacred Heart Convent School implies that the student and parents comply with the rules and regulations and co-operate with the activities of the School.

21. The Principal has every right to add or remove any rules from this book without assigning any reasons and she is the sole authority to interpret or amend the rules of this institution.

22. No articles other than study materials are permitted in the school. If found, it will be confiscated.

Disciplinary action will be taken against students in the form of issuing cards as follows:-

23. Green card---- repeated indisciplinary behaviour.

24. Blue card ----- on receipt of three green cards or for any serious offence.

25. Yellow card---- positive and constructive action/behaviour.

To Parents

26. Personal memo page in duplicate should be carefully filled in by the Parsents.

27. Parents/Guardians are requested to check the diary of the child daily and see that the lessons and home work assigned for the next day are done. Remarks made in the diary should be seen and countersigned regularly.

28. For any information regarding the school,please contact the Principal.

29. When communicating with the Principal Parents are requested to mention in their letter the class and the section of their children.

30. No teachers or students must be called through the phone during class hours.

31. Parents are requested to sent their children regularly to the school and must come and meet the concerned authority when a message is sent by the Principal.

32. No office work will be done in the school on public holidays.

33. Legitimate complaints should be brought to the attention of the Principal without delay.

34. Parents should encourage the children to participate in all the activities of the school.